5 Easy Ways Social Media Can Rock Your Inbound Marketing Strategy


Want to improve your inbound marketing strategy? In the inbound marketing method, social media is part of the initial stage where you are attracting people to your website. With SEO and your blog, social media is an important tool to attract new visitors and expect them to turn into leads.

However the benefits of social media are not limited to the first phase only. You can use social media throughout the buyer journey. Here’s how you can opt out of social media to improve the ROI of your inbound plan:

1. Attract new readers to your site

What’s good about social media is you can talk to millions of people, for free. Instead of standing with billboards outside in the cold, you can sit behind a desk and connect with readers from the computer (and stay warm).

Social media is an important tool to attract new visitors to your site, but you will only succeed in getting new people if you make your posts relevant to readers. During your personal research you will discover topics that your ideal customers are interested in reading.

Create social posts based on these customized themes, making them practical and engaging. Use language and imagery that is eye catching (remember that you are competing with other companies on social media). Pay attention to your social media posts every month and note which ones got the best response, learn from them to improve your future posts to attract more readers.

2. Build your brand

Social media is an excellent tool to put your brand under people’s noses, build an authority and interact online with any potential customers. It is a fast and easy means of communication and people who look at your social media profile can get a good idea of ​​what your business is looking at your post.

You can build your business brand based on how you present yourself on social media. The pictures you use, the topics you talk about and your tone of voice will help you connect with people online and build your brand.

Before you start on social media, determine what tone you want to use for your business and what kind of posts you are sharing. You need to share content that is relevant to your ideal customers and ensure that your topic and weekly posting are relevant to keep your readers interested.

Take inspiration from social media professionals

Oreo shares its funny and quirky pictures of cookies. This Christmas inspired image is definitely a treat for his followers. If you have a look at Oreo’s newsfeed on Twitter, you can see what they post. They focus on creating comic and heartfelt graphics focused on their cookie product – it’s a pleasure watching their followers!

Ted Talks shares innovative, inspirational and educational chats. When you look at their newsfeed, you can see what kind of posts they share. The use of words like ‘breathtaking’ and will exhilarating ‘will appeal to his personality – casual yet educated readers online for daily inspiration.

3. Social engagement shows care about your company

A survey in 2014 estimated that 51% of employers decide to hire an applicant before looking at their social media profiles.

Just like that, more potential customers are checking the business’s social media before deciding to buy their products or services. Active social media profiles can give people information about a company and avoid scams.

The way you respond to customer inquiries and feedback on social media can be an advantage or disadvantage to your inbound strategy. Reacting positively and considering bad reviews shows you a business that cares about you, and it looks good to potential customers reading your responses.

4. Social advertising engages with more readers

Creating social advertising can help maximize the use of social media as a tool to attract new visitors to your site. Most people like to use social media to post and share because it is free, but creating paid social ads can get your ads in front of the right people, faster.

Social advertising can be very beneficial for your inbound marketing strategy as long as you use them properly.

These are the three factors that you need to consider before paying for your social advertising.

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