8 Important Tips for Great Customer Service on Facebook


When it comes to promoting your business, every day, social media continues to grow. Mobile phones and tablets have made Facebook and other social media platforms accessible from almost anywhere at any time, so many people increasingly use them for various purposes.

Businesses who have gone beyond the use of Facebook to advertise and gather know that the platform is also a great way to interact with customers.

While the messages left for your company on Facebook can improve or destroy your brand’s reputation, they provide a great opportunity for your business to display a professional and courteous attitude on a public platform. Let us look at some examples of how some famous companies used Facebook to communicate with their customers.

1. Address of all inquiries

No customer comments on Facebook about your company, it should not go unnoticed and should not answer any questions. To understand this, consider the following example in response to Walmart’s investigation.

Walmart answered their customer’s question and, in turn, appreciated the information the customer received. By listening and addressing client needs, Walmart demonstrated that it pays attention to its customers. In addition, the company not only gave an answer, they also went the extra mile to provide additional information. It certainly deserved the “thank you” he received. These principles also work for your business.

2. Explain everything

Your company should go out of its way to introduce and explain its goods and services to your Facebook audience so that they can become familiar with your offer.  The following conversation of JetBlue Airways is a great example of a company interpreting an offer to a customer. First, the company announced its offering:

However, there was one customer who did not know what this was all about:

The company managed the situation well. By providing a useful link that customers (and future customers) could use for reference, they offered a satisfactory solution. Feedback and links were useful to the customer, who then showed interest in the offer. Apart from this, he also expressed his appreciation for customer loyalty, which is something that you should always remember.

3. Resolution of complaints

As a result of your company’s presence on Facebook, you should expect angry customers to see sharp complaints about the goods or services provided to them. Although your team naturally wants to avoid a disgruntled customer, addressing the problem directly can save a sale, win a friend, and inspire confidence.

Although simply addressing the problem provides a good start, it is simply not enough – the company must provide a satisfactory solution. So let’s look at another example by the same company:

What did the company do better this time? He solved the problem to customer satisfaction. In the first instance, he did not show continuity on the channels – although addressing the issue on Facebook, his email service was clearly not fast, and the problem remained unsolved.

However, in the second example, they worked efficiently on all channels to solve the customer problem, and were successful in it. What to make of all this? Customer problems should not only be addressed, but also solved. To do this, your business must quickly respond to all customer messages, not those seen on Facebook. This brings us to the following point.

4. Be quick and consistent

Time plays an important role in customer service – people who are nervous about their experience with a company expect quick solutions. As time passes without a solution, customers can become more agitated leaving increasingly angry comments on your Facebook page.

In fact, research suggests that people expect feedback on social media within an hour of leaving a comment. In the following example, Pottery Barn responded to their customer in about thirty minutes:

The company also apologized to the customer, showed sympathy and proposed a solution via email. His subsequent email messages quickly reached the customer and resolved the matter satisfactorily.

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