How to use Twitter in marketing communication



A huge commercial advantage and even huge marketing challenges. Are you staying up-to-the-minute with your online audience? Do you know the real-time marketing tricks of your competitors? Do you know how to use them for your business? Even if you answered “no” to any of the questions mentioned above, don’t worry. We have good news for you. This post will tell you that you need to unlock the power of the fastest running social media site for your business. ready? Let’s start!

Twitter Best Practices for Your Business

Regardless of the scale of your business, or to be more precise, the level of social media engagement of your business, knowing how to leverage Twitter for maximum results, is an absolute one nowadays. The importance of this communication tool is still increasing after online Twitter accounts with online audiences as they follow other people on the site.

It is also important to mention that these online audiences include not only your potential customers, but also vendors, brand advocates, business partners, industry leaders, professional organizations and… competitors. Here are some steps to follow to make the most of Twitter for your marketing communications.

Listen and observe

Take some time to see how other brands are running their Twitter accounts.  Make sure that you monitor your competitors’ activities exclusively. Identify the elements of their Twitter marketing strategy that you like and are useful for your brand. You can find your competitors and monitor relevant conversations using either (manual search), or if you need a deeper insight, a social listening tool.

Then, when you already know what the rules of your game are, try testing a similar strategy to engage your followers the most. When you do an inspection, do not rush, but be responsive and flexible when something is going wrong. Twitter never sleeps and information is being spread i n blink of an eye.

be consistent

From the looks of it, the constant flow of Twitter “real-time” updates means that a brand deciding to use it must be prepared for its continued and sustained support. What is this ongoing support for? Monitoring the channel, either manually or with selected social listening tools, and maintaining a high level of engagement with followers, as well as with any other user who tweets about your business.

A wrong tweet or lack of engagement on our site can harm your business in many ways, including a serious brand reputation crisis. Opening a business Twitter account and leaving it unattainable is like inviting your friends to a party and sneaking through the back doors without sneaking. Can you feel the guests? Treat others the way you want them to be, especially when it comes to your online fast-moving and super responsive customers.

build rapport

Social media platforms have to be social in the form of Twitter. It is about sharing information. Give and take Therefore, your Twitter marketing strategy should include both sharing your content and following other Twitter users. There are lots of great online tools to help you find relevant users to build and follow a meaningful audience. Take it as a process, however, rather than an “instant soup”.

Build your account over time. Going too aggressively due to “suspects” can also lead to suspension due to suspicious activity. Focus on the first driving interaction – retweet, reply, like, tweet start chat! Then when you feel you’ve built some rapport with your followers, you can try to test direct offers or promotions that invite followers to take action – by clicking on links or buying from your website . “Give, give, give… then ask” is another wise advice from this social media strategy guru. Take both of them seriously.

Let your brand shine

Comprehensive marketing coverage and more media channels involved in your communication, the big challenge to keep your brand image consistent. The name of your Twitter account and the content you post should have the same affinity as your website, Facebook page, blog, and other elements of your online presence.

With a Twitter bio limited to just 160 characters, make sure you use your Twitter cover photo the most, which is the first thing social media users do once you land on your page. Then, voice your brand! Social media platforms reduce the distance between a consumer and a brand.

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