Our new dashboard is up and running


You’ve probably noticed that there is something different about us today (and no, it’s not a haircut. Nice try, though!). I need you to be the one to break the news: We’ve got a new dashboard.

We are excited to release our new design. We have made a move towards a more intuitive and user friendly dashboard. As always, we have relied on the feedback of real users to provide you with a more functional and ergonomic experience.

The main reason for reshaping our dashboard is that the main use of our tools has changed over time – most companies currently use Brand 24 to not only collect citations, but also to work on them. Are what we really like. We wanted to make the data more streamlined to encourage our users to not only look, but also participate in conversations that may be relevant to their business.

Let me take a tour of what has changed.

It is now easier to attach with a mention – you can do this by clicking “Append” in the lower left corner of a result. We’ve also done the font green to make it stand out more. Attach a new dashboard
We have created features that our customers use the most easily accessible, and have moved to the less frequently used “more” menu. The “Share by Email”, “Silent Author”, “Go to Author Profile” and “Mark” features can now be accessed from every result from a drop down menu. Read More

We have placed the “Clear Filter” button at the top of the result list, so it is now easy to undo all the filters you mentioned. Clean filter
Another thing we have done is move the “Check / Uncheck” box to the lower right corner of every result view. This will make it faster and easier to implement the desired action globally. Here’s how you can use it to group results:

Adding your mentions to a group has become very easy – just click on the group name in the drop down menu and you will see a group label pop up in the result box. You can also add a new group category in this way.
If you haven’t already seen, now would be a good time to sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can try Brand24 for 14 days for free (go ahead, it’s on us!).

Instagram can be a tricky platform.

While it seems like it only exists with occasional funny memes for fashion and beauty images, don’t be misled. Business marketing, in fact, holds a legitimate place on Instagram. Especially when browsing on the Internet, many people are more receptive to images than they are to typed content, as it is easier to process and less time consuming. As long as you are doing it correctly, the use of Instagram can have a meaningful positive impact on your business.

1. Demonstrate your products and services

This may seem obvious, but it is easy for trends to go to the cave and of course. Any image you post on Instagram should be clearly about what you create, what you do and the philosophy behind your company. There is nothing wrong with sharing comic content at once, but if you share too many things that are irrelevant, people will lose the core of your business.

2. Keep It Stylish

Under fluorescent lighting, it is easy to scroll past the smartphone-quality picture. The point is not to share any random photo, but a picture that is good to see. If you are going to use Instagram to market, you need to post images that are consistent with the intentions of a marketing campaign. Before you post an image, make sure that this is something you would feel comfortable running as a print ad. Not all of them hold high quality professional photos, but grainy, blurry photos are not going to do anything to attract attention.

3. Add Text to Your Image

Instagram allows you to post captions with your photos, but there is no guarantee that anyone will read them. Placing text directly on your image means that viewers will be more likely to see it. Use fonts that are easy to read, and give them space so that they do not obscure any important part of the image.

4. Promote your Instagram across all platforms

If you want your marketing to be successful, you will need followers. You cannot do marketing for those who are not there. Cross-promote Instagram on Facebook and Twitter. Be a little more aggressive than ever to make sure that everyone who is interested in following you on Instagram knows how to do so, and once you gather followers.

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