Top 5 social media campaigns of 2015


As the year drew to a close, we have seen many creative uses of social media. These are proving that this is not enough, now, just a couple of social media outlets have a site. else is going on in the world and reacting quickly Do if it helps your brand. that’s what we do.

These digital marketing campaigns stood out for us by identifying trends and incorporating them into a successful campaign. These five receive our vote as some of the most innovative campaigns of 2015.

1. Redefined Use – Domino’s, Order Pizza – Emoji

The Domino’s Pizza campaign used various marketing channels for this campaign, with Ho Hing Television and celebrity spokespersons (including Eva Longoria, Sarah Hyland, Richard Sherman, and Clark Gregg) promoting pizza ordering. Hence? Creativity comes in using the top “words” of 2014, an emoji to order pizza. The campaign showcased all the different ways you can order a Domino’s pizza, including just tweeting or texting a pizza emoji to Domino’s.

Having heard about this issue and never been to Panama, tells you that it was a major problem for the Central American country. So when a local news show took matters into their own hands (or pits), the residents turned it down. The show had some of the worst pits filled with equipment that complained to the Public Works Department every time someone’s car went into the pit. He created a special segment in his news show to share updates, interview drivers and send actual tweet messages.

As you can imagine, the campaign went crazy and people started tweeting messages, plus, “inter” “pits that added to the tweet count. After the inevitable fixes began, The show began airing “before and behind” fixed pits. There’s a way to tweet your own horn …

3. International success – Coca-Cola, # Happiness – Selfie

It is difficult to leave a campaign that affects a large number of people around the world. Leave Coca-Cola to come up with another original idea … This year’s campaign began with the hiring of vloggers to create videos to show people who share their thoughts of happiness. Then he added a code in a bottle of Coke and gave him one lakh selfie sticks which you then entered online. When you get the stick, an insert suggests that you take a selfie and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Topping the campaign included the happiest Selfie Hour contest, where anyone could share a selfie on Twitter or Instagram at #happiestselfie, and 19 pair of V-Music tickets lasting the weekend were VIP camping tickets. Could win in Britain every year in August.

The top prize also includes a new LG G4 phone, possibly with a stunning camera. On Twitter alone, thousands of entries were sent from around the world, from all types of people. Tapping into people’s favorite form of self-expression on social media strengthens Coca-Cola’s interaction with customers worldwide.

4. Give to other people – TOMS, #WithoutShoes – Instagram

The TOMS company is known for its generosity of giving pairs of shoes to the less fortunate for every pair sold. This Instagram campaign captured the current trend of people taking off directly under their shoes and turning it into a campaign. Send in your snapshot with the hashtag, #withoutshoes, and TOMS will take away another pair of shoes.

The simple, but effective, campaign helped strengthen the ToM brand and strengthened its tie to social consciousness. Oh, yes, and about 300,000 pairs of shoes were given away.

5. Live Streaming – Burbari, Fashion Show – Periscope / Snapchat

The high-end British label, Burbari, wanted to use social media while keeping it classy. So she chose to live-stream a menswear fashion show on Periscope and use small pictures on Snapchat to keep the media exclusive. Because the combination was so successful, they continued the effort a few weeks later with their Los Angeles fashion show.

The company reported more than 100 million impressions from the campaign, which makes it far and away their most successful. They were hoping to continue the exclusivity of being in one of their potential events, while adding additional potential customers who could not be with live streaming, and not diluting the cache of the event. By all accounts, they did just that.

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